Keeping Kaiser "Safe, Mindful, and Responsible".
Mon, Nov 11 11:24am

Hello Kaiser Elementary Families:


Providing a safe space for all students at Kaiser is our number one priority. Clear expectations, well-established Socio-Emotional Learning practices, and strong family involvement work to foster an environment in which learning, exploration and play are central to our student's experience.  However, there are times during the year in which physical aggression increases during unstructured time and students need more support making healthy choices.  We have seen such an increase over the last several weeks and are taking steps to address this shift.  
While most of the interventions are proactive and restorative, consequences are also necessary and helpful.   This is certainly the case when a child intentionally harms another. In this case there will be an immediate consequence at school (lunch detention or in house detention depending on the severity) and family communication.   If there is a second incident, we will request that a family member come to the campus and the student will be suspended for the day.  `
Thanks for continuing to have discussions with your children about making safe and healthy choices, using their "toolbox" tools, and going to an adult for help.
~ Dennis Guikema, Principal