Keeping kids safe w/ bad air quality
Thu, Nov 15 8:18am
Kaiser Elementary

Hello Kaiser Families:


I am saddened, as I am sure we all are, by the devastating impact of the Camp Fire and other fires that are burning in California.  Many in our school community have loved ones who are directly impacted by this.   All of us wake up to the reality of smoke-filled air.


To keep Kaiser children safe during this time, all recess and PE have been indoor since last Friday.   We have been keeping all doors and windows shut.   I am proud of how well our kids have been doing with this challenge, and so tremendously grateful to Kaiser teachers and staff for the extra lift this requires.   (I hope you will join me in letting them know they are appreciated.)


If you have kept your child home for health concerns during this time, the absence will be excused.  As always, any time your child is out, please call 510-549-4900 or email with the full name of your child, the dates they were out, and the reason for absence.


~ Dennis Guikema, Principal