Keeping our community safe
Tue, Mar 10 8:00am

Hello Kaiser Families:


As you know, our Kaiser school wide expectations are to be Safe, Mindful, and Responsible.


I want to give kudos to our kiddos and our staff for prioritizing safety.   Our monthly earthquake and fire drills are one example of this.  On Wednesday we will have our 2nd "lockdown" drill of the year.   This is when we practice securing our classrooms and building in the unlikely situation of an outside safety risk.   We will do this through our "Socio-Emotional Learning" lens, so that students feel empowered and safe and not scared or panicked.   


We are also being extra mindful about hygiene, especially in light of the news about the Coronavirus.   If you haven't already, I encourage you to take a look at the latest update from OUSD that was emailed yesterday and is linked here.     I want to appreciate the efforts of our custodial team and all of our staff and volunteers in keeping our environment clean and safe.  




Dennis Guikema, Principal