Minor incident on campus
Thu, Nov 14 11:15am

Hello Kaiser Families:


It is rare that emergency services are called to campus, and any time they are, I inform families.  


Today at AM recess a kinder student's knee got stuck in between bars in a play structure.   Several adults supported, but even with a healthy coat of Vaseline, the knee would not budge.   A call was made for help and there was a quick response from the Fire Department and a paramedic.   The fire team was able to use a special tool to spread the bars, and the child's knee was free.   While this was scary for the child, I am happy to say that she has no injury and was eager to get back to class.  


I want appreciate all who helped out.  Kindergarteners went back to classes, Gayle, Ms. Padilla, Elizabeth, Ms. Ostrom, Mrs. Klapperich, and Ms. Estrada and a parent volunteer all played important roles in a quick and calm response.   The child's mom came quickly and handled a scary situation in a calm way.  Thanks all!   Thanks Oakland Fire Department!


The kindergartener was eager to get a picture with the responders and her mom OKed me sharing it with our community.   


~ Dennis