More energy efficient and better quality lighting coming to Kaiser!
Fri, Oct 26 2:55pm
Kaiser Elementary

Hello Families:


Kaiser Elementary will soon have more efficient and better quality lighting.   Read on for more details.


What:  All of the lights on campus are going to be replaced with more energy efficient and better quality LED lights.   For almost all of the interior lights, the existing fixtures will remain in place but the "innards" will be swapped.  Most exterior lights will include new fixtures as well.   This project includes our portables, multi purpose building, and main building.   
When:  The project is slated to begin November 16, but may start later.   The work will be done between 3 PM and midnight.   Workers will ONLY work in areas where no students or staff are present.   In other words, no instruction, enrichment programs, Adventure Time, or staff work time should be impacted.  
Why & how is this funded:   Kaiser was selected as one of a number of sites that would benefit from this project, funded by Prop 39, the California Clean Energy Jobs Act, passed by voters in 2012.   This project comes to us at no cost to our school or to OUSD.
Please let me know if you have any questions or thoughts.
~ Dennis