Opportunity to Support Schools and Communities First TOMORROW (3/4)
Tue, Mar 3 6:05pm

Tomorrow (Wednesday, March 4) is an Oakland-wide day of action for signature collection for the Schools and Communities First ballot measure. Volunteers will be in front Kaiser before school (starting at 8:30 am) and after school (1:30 pm) to collect signatures.

If you are interested in signing the petition to help get it on the ballot, this is a great opportunity!  If you able to volunteer to help Amy Stice (stice.amy@gmail.com) if you can volunteer for either shift.
Schools and Communities First, a ballot measure qualifying for the polls in November 2020 which is estimated to bring up to $12 Billion dollars a year of vital new revenue for schools and community services by requiring the reassessment of business property every 3 years.  It is estimated that SCF would generate between $592 and $716 million for Alameda County with millions of additional dollars coming annually to OUSD. 
You can find information about Schools and Communities First here:  https://www.schoolsandcommunitiesfirst.org/