Outdoor spigot to be replaced due to trace amounts of lead.
Sat, Nov 24 10:25am
Kaiser Elementary
Dear Kaiser Community,
As you know, the health and well-being of students and staff is our top priority. With that in mind, District staff has been testing all faucets and fountains on school campuses for elevated lead. They did discover slightly elevated lead in the garden spigot here on our campus. The level was 8.7 parts per billion (ppb), which is above the Board of Education mandated <5 ppb, but lower than the federal and state EPA action level of 15 ppb.
Importantly, the elevated lead is a result of the fixture and not the school's piping system. In such cases, it's the water that sits in the fixture that leaches trace amounts of lead. Once the water is turned on, and runs through it for a matter of seconds, the lead is cleared, and any additional water that flows from it is non-detect for lead.  Still, staff will be replacing the fixture to ensure all the water complies with the Board-mandated <5 ppb standard.  To clarify, all drinking fountains and faucets at Kaiser Elementary have been tested and are safe.  This concern was isolated to a single outdoor spigot
We will inform you when the spigot has been replaced, retested and shown to be non-detect for lead.
Thank you for supporting health, safety and education at Kaiser.
Dennis Guikema, Principal