Public Health Officials Join Parents, Students and Teachers in Calling for Executive Action to Pause Permanent School Closures During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Tue, May 5 6:27pm
Dear Kaiser Community, 
One dozen public health doctors and professionals, together with over 100 parents, students and teachers have signed a letter calling on Governor Newsom to issue an Executive Action pausing all permanent school closures, mergers and co-locations during the COVID-19 pandemic. This letter has formed part of a larger report released today (attached below) published by several academics at UC Berkeley and Holy Names University providing public health, racial equity, fiscal and legal evidence and arguments for such an Executive Action to be taken immediately. 

If this resonates with you, please contact the Governor, Assemblymembers, the Superintendent, School Board members and Mr. Guikema.
Governor Newsom at:  (916) 445-2841

Assemblymember Rob Bonta at:   (510) 286-1670

Assemblymember Buffy Wicks at:  (916) 319-2015 

Tony Thurmond at:  (510) 859-3241

Superintendent Kyla Johnson Trammell at:  (510) 879-8200

Jody London at:   (510) 879-8199 x31

Aimee Eng at:  (510) 879-8199 x32

Jumoke Hinton Hodge at: (510) 879-8199 x33

Gary Yee at: (510) 879-8199 x34

Shanthi Gonzales at: (510) 879-8199 x36

James Harris at:  (510) 879-8199 x37

Roseann Torres at: (510) 879-8199 x35

Dennis Guikema at: