Reminder: visit and volunteer guidleines
Tue, Feb 25 9:50am

Hello Kaiser Families:


To help maintain a safe and disruption-free learning environment, we are resending our visitor and volunteer guidelines below.   Thanks!   


~ Dennis Guikema


Kaiser Elementary Visitor and Volunteer Guidelines


All are welcome at Kaiser Elementary.  To help maintain a safe campus free of disruptions, please adhere to the following visitor and volunteer guidelines.


Check in at office

All families and volunteers must check in at the office and wear a visitor’s badge while on campus.  The only exception for this is families bringing their children to the upper field before the start of the school day.


Classroom visits and hallways

Please check in the office before visiting a classroom or going elsewhere on campus.   If dropping something off for your child, please do this in the office.  


Please refrain from conversations in the hallway as these can disrupt classroom learning.



Kaiser runs on volunteer power, which greatly benefits all students.   We appreciate our volunteers and ask that they follow these guidelines:

  • Classroom volunteering should be pre arranged directly with your child’s teacher.
  • All volunteers are highly encouraged to get “volunteer clearance” through Oakland Education Fund.  More information is at   This is mandatory for any unsupervised volunteering (such as driving on a field trip or doing small group reading intervention outside of a classroom.)
  • Anyone driving on a field trip must also have a current “Driver’s Declaration Form” with current copies of driver's license and proof of insurance on file in the office.
  • If you see any concerning student behavior or other issues of concern, please check in directly with the teacher or principal.