Responding to hate and violence. Building a school of caring and kindness
Wed, Oct 31 10:14am
Kaiser Elementary

Hello Kaiser Community.


OUSD's superintendent Dr. Kyla Johnson-Trammell sent an email to the Oakland community last night that opened with this sober reflection on incidents of hate and violence in the past week:

In just the past week, our nation has lived through the killing of two African American people in a Kentucky grocery store by a white man, the attempted mail bombing of political leaders from coast to coast and the mass shooting of people in a house of worship that was the worst attack on Jewish people in the history of the United States. All three attacks were prompted by a hatred that runs contrary to the ideals upon which our country was founded. And the attacks bring up difficult questions for everyone who calls this country home.


In these difficult times, it is doubly important that we nurture a caring and kind school community; that we talk to our children, in age appropriate ways, about the world around us; and that we VOTE next Tuesday.  


Dr. Johnson-Trammell's email includes links to resources about talking about violence with our children that I encourage you to check out.   Her full message can be found at this link.  


By the way, our superintendent will be visiting Kaiser next week to see our kids engaging in academic, socio-emotional, and arts-based learning.   


~ Dennis Guikema, Principal