Revision to earlier message
Tue, Oct 29 2:10pm


Hello Kaiser Community.


After reflection and speaking to some Kaiser teachers, I have made some edits to the first paragraph of the email that I sent out earlier today.  This revised version will be in the Pink Panther, and the edited paragraph is copied below.


~ Dennis Guikema


It was heartbreaking to hear reports from last week’s OUSD Board of Education Meeting.  I was deeply troubled by the videos and images I later saw emerging from the board meeting. I am calling on OUSD to follow through on its promise to review the video and take all the appropriate actions necessary to respond.  Monday I was invited by Kaiser teachers to a vigil to stand with them and families. In the words of my friend and Oakland Education President, Keith Brown, what we saw at the board meeting last week “isn't the school district I want for my students.”