School Board Highlights-2/12/2020
Thu, Feb 20 4:05pm

Dear Kaiser Community,


At the 2/12 School Board meeting, 4 of the 7 School Board members (London, Harris, Hinton-Hodge and Yee) expressed their desire to expedite the Blueprint for Quality Schools and “rip the band aid off” by considering a proposal to vote to close 10 to 15 schools before the end of this year. They asked the Superintendent to come back with how much that would save the district so they can consider the proposal during the first reading of the spending reductions at the Regular Board of Education Meeting on 2/26.


We ask that you listen yourselves to their conversation beginning at 4:07:00. 


During this 30-minute discussion, board members discussed closing under-enrolled and “low performing” schools. They talked about revenues coming from closing schools, selling property and building market rate housing for profit. The Superintendent agreed that she had been waiting for this direction from the Board to speed up the process but said the Board should consider that it will short circuit the lengthy community engagement process in which they have engaged in the past. Some board members also advocated for more support for charter schools who need space to grow their programs. Director Jody London thanked Director Harris for his proposal because she wanted to propose the same thing but didn’t have the courage.


We ask that all those who are concerned about the future of Oakland Public Schools please attend the School Board meetings on February 26th and March 4th at 5:30pm and share your outrage over these proposals to close our schools. This is disaster capitalism in its perfect form, engineered by the charter school industry and privatization advocates and we must stop it or lose our schools. Our voices must be heard. The children of Oakland are depending on us to make sure their schools remain open and they ALL receive the resources they need to thrive.


Thank you for your continued advocacy. 


In community,

Advocates of Oakland Public Schools