The Time is Now-Call! Email!
Fri, Jan 17 10:19pm

Recently, Assemblymember Rob Bonta mediated conversations about school closures between Oakland Not For Sale (ONFS) and OUSD. The goal of ONFS is to stop school closures, including the closing of Kaiser. The possibility of pausing the Kaiser-Sankofa merger was broached by Rob Bonta's staff. OUSD claimed that the planning process was too far along for this to be possible. They claim that staffing decisions have already been made. This is untrue. The design team meeting notes clearly show that the design process is not far along, and we have no guarantee about enrollment numbers or who the teachers will be. 


It is unsettling that OUSD Administration told elected officials that staffing decisions have been made when we have no idea which teachers will be at the new school next year. This just carries on a pattern of deceit and misinformation that has been consistent throughout this entire process. We urge everyone--whatever your opinion about what we should be putting our time and effort into at this point--to stick to the truth.


This is the time to get creative and put on the pressure. See below who the key decision makers are. Call, email, and make appointments for office hours. Time to turn up the heat!



Please contact:

Superintendent Kyla Johnson Trammell at:  (510) 879-8200

Rob Bonta at:   (510) 286-1670

Tony Thurmond at:  (510) 859-3241

Jody London at:   (510) 879-8199 x31

Aimee Eng at:  (510) 879-8199 x32

Jumoke Hinton Hodge at: (510) 879-8199 x33

Gary Yee at: (510) 879-8199 x34

Shanthi Gonzales at: (510) 879-8199 x36

James Harris at:  (510) 879-8199 x37

Roseann Torres at: (510) 879-8199 x35


Thank you!



Teachers against school closures