The day after the OUSD board vote.
Thu, Sep 12 2:53pm

Hello Kaiser Elementary Community:


Last night the Oakland School Board voted for Kaiser to merge with Sankofa Elementary on the Sankofa campus (map).


The road leading to this decision has been very hard for our entire school community.   The nature of last night’s board meeting and the overall handling of this situation by our district has been traumatizing.


I want to appreciate the Kaiser staff for showing up with love and support for all of our students on the heels of a board meeting that ended after midnight.   Leading with love while simultaneously feeling anger and disappointment is a superhuman expectation, yet that is what happened today.


We had additional counseling support on campus today.   Most classrooms had community conversations to help students understand the circumstances, express feelings, and know that they are loved and safe.   Students who showed signs of needing a personal check-in were seen, and if these conversations were more than a couple minutes, the families of those students were contacted.   If you feel that your child would benefit from any additional social-emotional support through this difficult time, please feel free to reach out to your child’s teacher or our office, and we will connect your child to the counseling team.


Meanwhile, the Kaiser community is unified in providing a rich academic and socio-emotional learning environment for all of our students through the end of this school year.   It is important that we all reassure our children of this at home. There is a lot of uncertainty about next year. I will support an environment in which all can make the personal choice for next year that is right for them, without judgement.   I will also fight for the resources we need to collaboratively, with the Sankofa community, design a quality school to serve our children in the next school year.   



Dennis Guikema, Principal