Transcript of today's robo-call
Tue, Aug 28 2:22pm
Kaiser Elementary

If you would rather read my type, than hear my voice... here you go.  :-)



Transcript of 8/28/18 robocall




Hello Kaiser Families.


This is your principal, Dennis Guikema.


Around 10 AM this morning the fire alarm sounded at Kaiser Elementary.   Fortunately there was no actual emergency. We know that it was faulty equipment, not an emergency or anyone tampering with the alarms, that caused this.  A technician has already been to campus to inspect the equipment.


I am very proud of our students and our staff.   All were safe, mindful and responsible. I also appreciate the Oakland Fire Department who came to make sure our school was safe and to give us the “all clear” to return to the building.


We have very specific emergency procedures that we drill several times throughout the year.  Even though we have not had a drill yet this academic year, everyone followed the protocols to a “t”.   In fact, because it went so well, we are counting this as our first drill in lieu of one that was scheduled for next Wednesday.


To celebrate how safe, mindful and responsible our students were, we had a special “picnic lunch” below the “Kaiser tree” in the traffic circle today.  (Of course, this was blocked from traffic during this time.)


Please let your child now how proud we are of them, and use this opportunity to discuss safety at home and in our communities as well.  


For some children, a drill can cause stress that lasts beyond the moment.   This week our counseling interns begin working with us. Please give our front office a call if you would think your child would benefit from a one-time check-in with a counselor.


On another note, this Friday, we will have a special assembly for our 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students.   Bryan Stowe, a Giant’s fan who was seriously injured in an incident that gained a lot of news attention, will be sharing his anti bullying message with our upper grade students.   Adult family members are welcome to join us for this 10:45 AM assembly, Friday. On Friday, kids in all grades are encouraged to wear a jersey or shirt of a favorite sports team, if they like, at Bryan’s request.


Thank you, again, for continuing this conversation about being safe, mindful, and responsible at home.