UPDATED: Confidential Enrollment Questionnaire from Teachers
Thu, Nov 7 7:20am

Dear Kaiser Families, 


With the OUSD enrollment window opening Monday, November 4 (ends February 7), the Kaiser teachers would like to urge all families grades K through 4 to please join our community again next school year. We are continuing our fight against all school closures, but whether or not Kaiser ends up still open at 25 S. Hill Court next school year, we would like to see as many members of our community stay together as possible. As long as certain conditions are met--which we cannot put in writing at this time--and keeping in mind that we will not be participating in any design team meetings, as teachers, with other district-level staff present, there is a significant group of Kaiser teachers who would teach at Sankofa next year, if the merger goes ahead. This is only true, of course, if a significant portion of our community end up going to Sankofa.


We must ask that every Kaiser family, grades K through 4, keep us teachers informed through this anonymous form of their enrollment choice for next school year. Please return the form to YOUR CHILD'S TEACHER ONLY. Do not write your name or your child's name on the form. We would like them to be anonymous. Keeping our own careful records is the only way we can combat what we believe to be certain, that OUSD will manipulate the enrollment process for its own ends. Central OUSD Administration has demonstrated again and again that they are not to be trusted. Please take a screenshot, photo on your phone, or download or print your enrollment options form when you first complete it.


PLEASE NOTE: the option to select a traditional OUSD public school other than Kaiser/Sankofa was inadvertently missed on the survey.  If this is your family's choice, please write it in at the bottom.  Please return it to your child's teacher once you have selected your enrollment options. no later than Feb 7, 2020.


Thank you,

the Kaiser teachers



My child's current grade (circle one):              

K         1         2         3         4


Check all that apply:


            I did not complete an enrollment form because my plan at this time is for my child to attend Kaiser/Sankofa next school year.


            I entered Kaiser/Sankofa as my first choice (or did not fill out an enrollment form) but my plan at this time is for my child to not attend Kaiser/Sankofa next school year, but rather another traditional OUSD public school (i.e. not a charter).


            I entered Kaiser/Sankofa as my first choice (or did not fill out an enrollment form) but I'm not sure at this time if my child will attend Kaiser/Sankofa next school year.


            I entered Kaiser/Sankofa as a choice other than my first choice.


             I do not intend for my child to attend an OUSD school next school year.


                      If you checked this box please select an option below.  At this time it is most likely                            my child will attend a:


                               traditional public school outside of OUSD


                               charter school


                              private school


                              home school


            My decision about whether or not my child attends Kaiser/Sankofa next school year is contingent on whether or not a group of the current Kaiser teachers also move to the Sankofa campus