Walk-a-thon WINNERS!
Tue, Nov 6 11:57am
Kaiser Elementary

One final follow-up from last month's amazingly successful 42nd Annual Kaiser Elementary Walk-a-thon....


The total amount raised for Kaiser Elementary is $49,110!!!



And our winners are......


1st      Lana Douk
2nd     Lucca Astorga
3rd      Dahlia Finney

1st Grade
1st       Roxanne Lyngen
2nd      Aymon Griebenow
3rd         Saul Longpre

2nd Grade
1st        Ailsa Smith
2nd       Ethan C
3rd    Solomon Guirdy

3rd Grade
1st       Kaili Wood
2nd      Mason Wright
3rd          Calvin Ewbank

4th Grade
1st     Orioh Juhas   +   Jasper Stewart
2nd    Watson Rusk

5th Grade
1st         Tate Sedlacheck
2nd      Viola Griebenow  + Flora Mae

We will be coming around to classrooms tomorrow to hand out prizes to the top walker in each grade. Also, Ms. Haruyama's second grade class will get a popsicle party for having over 90% participation in fundraising! 
Thank you again to everyone for your participation!