APEX Remix Kick off Pep Rally
Mon, Nov 9
Kyrene Monte Vista

It's our Apex REMIX Pep Rally Day! Pledging for the Kyrene Monte Vista Apex REMIX is now open! We’re raising funds for Teacher Grants, more Outdoor Seating for learning and eating, that will benefit our students for years to come. WE NEED YOUR HELP:


  1. Getting Started: Log onto the com website using your student’s unique ACCESS CODE.

**The access code can be found on the front of your student’s Apex Pledge Kit.


  1. Make a Pledge: Simply click the “Enter Pledge” button on your student’s donation page to make a $ per fitness move pledge or any flat donation amount.


❗❗IMPORTANT❗❗ Due to the challenges of collecting results from students participating at home, a default of 36 fitness moves will be entered for each student. If your student’s actual is less than that, please notify us by 3pm on Thursday, November 19th and it will be edited.


  1. Share with Family & Friends: Invite family and friends to pledge using the “Share Wizard” feature. Send a pledge link via SMS text, email, and social media.


  1. Be a Cheerleader: On November 19th, encourage your student to do their best at our Remix. It’s going to be a LOT of fun!


Thanks for supporting our wonderful school Kyrene Monte Vista Elementary!