EXTENDED TO SUNDAY! Last Days to Donate during our BIGGEST Fundraiser!
Fri, Nov 4 3:26pm
As you know, we are currently in the midst of our biggest school fundraiser of the year - APEX! And in these final days, we really need your help and financial support to meet our Monte Vista goals.
Currently in the classroom and on the playground, through the APEX program, your kids are learning about the valuable roles and characteristics of leaders today. This will all culminate with a school-wide obstacle course on Friday morning and we are encouraging all families to do their part to raise donations for this Big Event so we can provide these young leaders with all they need to thrive on campus!
By raising money through this event, the funds will go right back to Monte Vista to have an immediate impact on our school community. We will be able to purchase and provide many of our school necessities and wants from filtered water fountains to paper and printing needs for the classroom. We will be able to reward teachers with grants to use on engaging learning materials for the classroom. We hope to update the Library furniture, as well as give the Teachers' Lounge a refresh. These funds will be used in big and small ways from book rewards for students to school-wide assemblies and emotional and educational programs for all of our MV students. It's also wonderful to have these funds for when our school needs something in a pinch to help our children's educational experience - from AC units for our PE classes in extreme temps to shade structures on the playground to wagons to pull and hold your child's school lunches everyday. 
And remember the Kyrene Monte Vista PTO is a Non-Profit 501-c organization. Many companies have charitable matching programs that the PTO qualifies for. Please let us know if we can provide any information that may help you submit documentation for matching requests. Such an amazing way to grow and sometimes DOUBLE your donation -- at absolutely NO cost to you!