Lunch Lions
Weekly on Tuesdays and Thursdays from Dec 1, 2023 to May 16, 2024
Kyrene Monte Vista
1 day before

We are rolling out a new Volunteer position called Lunch Lions!  We'd like 2 volunteers every Tuesday and Thursday to assist during lunch recess.  Your duties are defined below and also in the folder you'll be given. You will bring out the outdoor games we just got in:  Four in a Row, Jenga and Hula Hoops.  


What to do the day of your shift:

1. Check in at the front desk with your ID

2. Grab the cart from the storage room with the games. (Storage room is at the end of the hallway past the office.)

3. Take the cart to the playground area between the bigger and smaller playgrounds. Best place seems to be across from the uncovered basketball court.

4. Setup the games!



Purpose of Role: To supervise and organize activities during recess to ensure a safe and respectful environment for our students.



  1. Safety and Supervision
    • Ensure the safety of students during games and activities.
    • Supervise the play area to prevent accidents or conflicts.
    • Intervene and help students resolve any conflicts or disagreements in a calm and fair manner.
    • Report unsafe or inappropriate behaviors to lunch supervisors.
  2. Game Facilitation
    • Prepare and set up necessary equipment and game materials before the start of recess. A variety of games are attached at the end.
    • Organize and lead various games that are suitable for the age group.
    • Ensure that all children have the opportunity to participate and encourage fair play.
  3. Communication
    • Provide feedback or report any incidents, issues, or improvements to lunch staff.
    • Interact and communicate effectively with students, encouraging positive social interactions and inclusivity.
  4. Clean-Up and Equipment Maintenance
    • Ensure that game materials and equipment are put away properly after the recess period.
    • Report any damage or issues with equipment to lunch staff.
  5. Personal Conduct
    • Maintain a positive and respectful attitude when interacting with children, staff, and other volunteers.
    • Uphold confidentiality regarding any information shared about students or the school.