MEET IN PERSON to ask your questions about the PTO Board
Tue, Apr 27 7:00pm-8:00pm
Kyrene Monte Vista

Hello Monte Vista Families!

Please join us for a casual meet up to answer all your PTO Board questions. We have a few parents who have expressed interest in joining the Board but there are six (6) positions that need to be filled to replace those of us who have reached our term limits. There are a total of eight (8) on the Board. We urgently need one more person to step up for one of the Treasurer spots. Please help fill every seat for a full Board again. 

Please RSVP to letting us know if you'll join us Tuesday evening.

If Tuesday doesn't work for you, we are happy to schedule a different time on the weekend or another evening. We want everyone to have a chance to ask questions. 

We are also happy to answer questions via email or one of us can chat on the phone or schedule a zoom chat.

Let's make 2021-2022 lots of fun as life begins to return to some normalcy. Please support our school by joining the Board! Thank you! 

The deadline for prospective new Board members to turn in their bios and be on the ballot for 2021-2022 school year is May 1st


Your PTO Board