Monte Vista's SCRIBBLE DAY
Fri, Mar 26
Kyrene Monte Vista

Monte Vista's Scribble Day is Friday, March 26th and is inspired by the book “I’m Not just a Scribble…” by Diane Alber, who is a local author in Chandler, AZ. 'This book not only has a great moral about kindness and acceptance but also encourages children to create art regardless of their artistic ability! After all, “Great art starts with a Scribble!”'


Monte Vista's Kindergarten Teacher Ms. Dickson has put together resources for students in each grade. Your child may do some of these in class on Friday, March 26th, but if not we are providing the details attached and below.




Best for younger grades:


  1. Watch “I’m Not Just a Scribble” -
  2. Do the activity – Scribble Day Face Printout (attached to this email)


Best for older grades:


  1. Watch “A Little Spot of Confidence” -
  2. Do the activity – Affirmation Bracelets (attached to this email)


Good for all grades:


  1. Watch “I’m Not Just a Scribble” - or click here to pick a book to watch -
  2. Do the activity – Scribble Day Dice Story Picture (attached to this email)