PICTURE DAY for in-person and flex students
Fri, Mar 19
Kyrene Monte Vista

IMPORTANT MESSAGE FOR ALL STUDENTS: Photos will be taken indoors and students will be asked to remove their masks. Below are the efforts on behalf of School Pics. If you are not comfortable with indoor photos or >>for Flex families<< the date and time doesn't work for your schedule, we have an alternate option. Go here for details: https://forms.gle/qKXQpd5AxdP5ypqb8 


From Tim Mejdrich of School Pics:

"For any parent concerns, here is a quick review of our safety procedures:

First, we follow the CDC guidelines for our staff working at schools.  We request our staff stay home and not report to work if they experience the following:

Temperature of 100.4 degrees or higher.  We scan everyone's temperature when they arrive at school. 

Sore Throat

NEW uncontrolled cough that causes difficulty breathing

Diarrhea, Vomiting, or Abdominal Pain

New Onset of severe headache, especially with a fever

 During the day, here are the processes we are using to keep everyone safe: 


  • We setup the camera equipment so that students are at the 6’ or greater distance from photographer and each camera set. 
  • Students will stay 6’ apart when waiting at each camera station, and we setup fluorescent cones to help them visualize where to stand. After school, flex students will register at the outside door-“E”, socially distancing and wearing masks. 
  • Our staff will wear masks at all times. 
  • We bring HEPA filtration systems with us for each camera station that clean down to .3microns.
  • Students will groom themselves under our staff supervision at each grooming station.  We provide folding mirrors at each grooming table and stand them so students can check their grooming without touching the mirror.  We provide single-use combs and hand sanitizer for their use."

If you have questions or concerns about portraits in the school, please call the main office.

If you have questions about the alternate option, please email the PTO board at mvpto@mvpto.org