Kyrene Monte Vista PTO
1 day before

Monte Vista is still in need of volunteers!

Record laps while MOTIVATING students this week at Toe Tokens



What is Toe Tokens?


One of Monte Vista's goals in Physical Education class is to help all children gain the knowledge, skills, confidence, and appreciation to lead an active, healthy lifestyle. Progression, personal best, correct running form, and developing good pacing strategies have been emphasized during the cardio respiratory endurance training in Physical Education. The motto is: pace not race!


To further increase their cardio respiratory endurance, beginning on November 14th, during lunch recess, your child has a chance to earn Toe Tokens by running laps around the field (4 laps = 1 mile or 1 Toe Token). This program will last for four days. Students need to wear tennis shoes to participate safely.


We need volunteers to record laps during lunch recess. 


Please remember to bring a photo I.D. when signing in at the front office.

Once signed in, you'll go outside to the field for further instructions. Please arrive at least 10 minutes before start time. 

1st Grade 10:15-10:35
Kinder 10:35-10:55
5th Grade 11:00-11:20
4th Grade 11:20-11:40
2nd Grade 11:40-12:00
3rd Grade 12:00-12:20

**On Wednesdays, recess starts and ends 5 min earlier.


IMPORTANT: Only Kindergarteners and brand new KMV students will receive a ball chain necklace to put their newly earned Toe Tokens on. All other students need to bring their chain necklaces they've earned from previous years, otherwise, they will be given a string. 


Toe Tokens is not a PTO sponsored activity but the PTO helps with volunteers for this fun and healthy activity.