Apex Fun Continues!
Thu, Oct 18 10:27am
Kyrene Monte Vista

It's Thursday, Mountain Lions!   

It's the first day our Apex Leadership Co. team members will be in classes teaching character lessons in line with our STRONG theme this year.  These lessons are meant to get kids thinking about what qualities make good leaders and good teams, and how they can practice these values each day in positive ways.  The lessons fall right in line with the PBIS system our school uses to promote social and emotional development and we hope you'll take the opportunity to spark some conversation with your kids each night!

Today's lesson is "S" for "SELFLESS".  Be sure to ask your kids about what they learned today.  What does it mean to act selflessly?  How can we recognize and appreciate selfless acts in others.  What benefit do we get from performing selfless acts daily? 

We have a HUGE Facebook campaign going on right now so folks can check out what's going on around campus this week and next.  We are posting daily challenges, daily challenge winners, photo and video of our Apex Leeadership Team in action, and updates on our pledge drive progress.  We hope you'll join us there and stay tuned as we march toward race day!

Last night's challenge was to have the highest number of students logged in.  Mrs. Raymundo's 5th grade class won and they get to pie the Apex Team in their faces today!  

Tonight's challenge is to have the most number of students use their Share Wizard in their online accounts.  The website and access codes are on the pledge kits (lanyards) that your student brought home yesterday.  

Please help and support our school community by helping our students reach out to family and friends that might help with a pledge.  Any amount helps and flat donations (versus per lap pledges) are welcome too!  This money supports and funds all the programs your PTO brings to the school community.

Head on over to Facebook for more info, photos, and video.  And contact Richelle Cates (Apex Committee Chair) here in Kosntella with any questions!