Fall Party Photos Needed!
Mon, Oct 29 4:12pm
Kyrene Monte Vista
Monte Vista parents we need your help!  

We want to make sure we see your child in the yearbook this year!

Did you attend your child's classroom Fall Party? Did you take any pictures?  We would love it if you would share those with us for the 2018-2019 Monte Vista Yearbook!

We especially need pictures from the following classrooms:  Parker, Stanley, Thornton, Watkins, Dow, Vandenburg, Perks, Russo, Schmalstieg, Heartland, Nowak and Webb

If you would pick out your 10-15 best photographs and send them our way we would really appreciate it.  You can submit them to us, via email, at KMVYearbook@gmail.com 

While email is preferred, you can also text them to 480-570-8333.  Either way you choose to send them, please do not shrink the pictures or create zip files as this makes it difficult to upload and adjust the size in the yearbook if needed.  

Also, it is very important to note what teacher the pictures are from so we can get them uploaded to the correct classroom.

Thank you so much for your time and help, it is appreciated!

Monte Vista Yearbook Committee