Help for Families in Need!
Sun, Apr 29 11:06am
Kyrene Monte Vista

You may have heard by now that Kyrene schools will be closed again on Monday. If your family has been financially impacted by school closures, please go to the Kyrene Resource Center on Monday to pick up food and gift cards which have been donated by our community. They suggest after 10am so they have some time to move all of the donations from today over to the KRC.

**Spread the word!!! If you know of a family who is not on Facebook or Konstella, please contact them!***

If you are in a position to HELP, you can go to the Kyrene Foundation website to donate money online (tax deductible - their tax ID number is listed there). They also take ALL KINDS of donations in-person to help families in need (food, hygiene items, etc.). PLEASE, if you can offer this kind of support, resolve to donate TODAY!

Stay tuned to district communication channels for up-to-date information as the teacher walkout continues.