Toe Tokens and Turkey Trot!
Mon, Nov 5 8:57am
Kyrene Monte Vista


It's time to lace up those sneakers and get running!  Every November, our PE teachers focus on a running unit with our students that culminates in the KMV Turkey Trot, happening this year on Wednesday, November 21st.  For a week prior to that, parent volunteers come to campus to run the Toe Token program in support of that curriculum and the Turkey Trot.  Students can run laps around a track at their lunch recess time and earn Toe Tokens (small plastic foot charms) for every mile they complete during that week.  

This year's Toe Token program starts next Tuesday, Nov. 13th!  It's a long-standing Monte Vista tradition, so students who have run before should still have their necklace chains and should wear those next week so they can add more tokens to them.  If your child is in Kindergarten or a new student to Monte Vista, they will receive a new chain after they complete their first 4 laps and earn their first token.  

This program is sponsored by our PE teachers and administration (not our PTO) and doesn't happen without parent volunteers willing to give their time!  The Toe Token program is a great way for parents to get involved on campus, support the PE program, and promote healthy habits within our school community!  There are 2 shifts each day that week and we need your help!  Please click the link below to sign up to volunteer if you can help to run this event smoothly!  Feel free to contact our Toe Token Program Coordinator at the email address below with any questions.


Volunteer Sign Up:


Thank you!!!


Usha Horvat

2018 Toe Token Program Coordinator