Planning Family Dinner Nights involves calling a local restaurant to set a date and time frame to host families and raise money for our school.  Restaurants typically provide a minimum cut of purchases made during that time frame and offer 20% to KMV.  Some will provide more!  They will also typically have a flyer you can use (it MUST say KMV PTO sponsored event), or at the very least, a logo you can use in creating your own flyer.  Whoever plans our family dinner nights is also responsible for picking up the check for the funds raised from that restaurant and giving that to the Treasurer.


Family Fun Nights involve planning a night out for families to play together at places like Main Event, Urban Air, Skateland, Makutus Island, or some other family fun place.  This may involve more planning as RSVPs may be required for reserving space and tickets may need to be sold if space is limited.  Some places will provide a discount or a percentage back for schools (discounts are more likely).  


Parent Socials are opportunities for parents at Monte Vista to meet and mingle.  Families are busier than ever and this time is for us to work on building our "village", that support network of other parents in our community.  Come to unwind, connect, and chit chat.  Setting these up is similar to setting up family dinner nights.  


This committee is responsible for scheduling, advertising, and collecting the checks for funds raised during Family Dinner Nights, Family Fun Nights, and Parent Socials out in the community.


Positions (3/3 filled)

Committee Chair Signed Up: 1 / 1

Committee Volunteer Signed Up: 2 / 2

Work with the chair to brainstorm ideas for these events and help set up, advertise, and execute.

Board Liaison Signed Up: 2 / 2

Helps the chair as needed. Addresses budget concerns or format changes and takes information to and from the rest of the board.