After School Running Interest Survey
Sun, Oct 1
Kyrene de los Lagos
We are hoping to confirm if there are any parents interested in an after school running program.
Currently they are at Esperanza, Estrella, Kyrene Traditional Academy, Manitas, Ninos and Norte, it looks like they are offering only to 1-3rd grade. They would be willing to create a program for Lagos students at a nearby park if we have at least 10-15 parents interested
Here is a note from After Cool Fitness:
 All of the games we play have been modified so that participants are active and never sitting out. Our games do require a considerable amount of running, mostly sprinting. We also have different sessions where we bring, an obstacle course or Medicine Balls. With that equipment we play games and do exercises. 
After Cool Fitness seeks to inspire Connections and Greatness through Play.  With new fitness games and COOL equipment every week, your child will learn how fun being active can be creating the good habits now for a lifetime of fitness. Our program is appropriate for any age or fitness level and is a non-competitive atmosphere where your child can meet new friends. After COOL Fitness is a passionate group of people dedicated to empowering kids to play creatively through our innovative approach to being COOL.


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