Help Needed ASAP for Teacher Appreciation in December
Fri, Dec 15
Kyrene de los Lagos

We asked our Teachers and Staff for Feedback and they let us know that it would be nice to have our Teacher Appreciation efforts sprinkled throughout the year instead of all at once. Makes so much sense! Why wait to the end of the year, when with all their efforts they deserve appreciation all year long!


We could use your help in crafting a wonderful day just for them!

We are building  small "baskets" and looking to provide them with a nice lunch. 


We are building one basket per classroom teacher and one basket for each specials teacher. 

We have created a list of items we are looking to put in every basket, which are items that our Teachers could always use in the classroom. 


Some sweet treats!

  • Cookies
  • Mints
  • Almond joy
  • Milky way
  • Mixed Nuts 

Classroom Supplies that they can always use more of!

  • Pack of expo markers 
  • Ream of paper 
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Clorox wipes


We created a Wish List on Amazon, in the hopes to make it easy to order and also to help surprise the teachers. If it easier to go to the store please drop off the donations in the office and let them know that it is for the PTO. 


You can use the link below: 


Teacher Appreciation Wish List


Please send any items from our list directly to the school and delivered by 12/15/17 

Kyrene de los Lagos


17001 S. 34th Way

Phoenix, AZ 85048


We would also appreciate donations towards the staff lunch.

Do you know any local restaurants who would be interested in providing lunch?

You can also send a $5-$10 donation in an envelope marked PTO in your child's folder.