Lagos Family Volunteer Day at Feed my Starving Children
Sat, Dec 9 2:00pm-4:00pm
Mesa, AZ
7 days before, 22 days before, 31 days before, 12 days before, 18 days before

Please join us for our Family Volunteer Day!

Register using the link below.


Please see guidelines for volunteering below from volunteer site.


Volunteer Age Guidelines

  • Please follow the student-to-adult ratios when registering to volunteer:
    • Grade 10-12: 5 students to 1 adult (see below)
    • Grade 7-9: 4 students to 1 adult
    • Grade 3-6: 3 students to 1 adult
    • Grade K-2: 1 student to 1 adult
  • Everyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • High School Groups: At least half of the required chaperones must be non-students (teachers, advisors, parents). If needed, a few 18-year-olds will be allowed to fill in as chaperones.
  • The minimum age to volunteer at FMSC is 5 years old. However, we recommend that groups of youth be 3rd grade and older.
  • FMSC Staff reserve the right to amend volunteer scheduling.

Jewelry Policy

Jewelry and other accessories present the potential for foreign objects to accidentally fall into our lifesaving meals. To avoid the possibility of losing loose objects in any of its meals, FMSC requires that all jewelry and other accessories be removed.

For more information about FMSC's jewelry policy, please click here.

Community Service Hours

If you are volunteering as part of community service, please ask a team leader to sign a verification form immediately following a packing session, before leaving the building.