Read-a-thon Fundraiser
Mon, Jan 14 - Thu, Jan 31
Kyrene de los Lagos

Our Read-a-thon started today!

Be sure to encourage your Mustang to get reading!

A copy of the letter attached and the information below will also be sent home (excuse our typo on the version sent home ;]


Our goal is to promote reading as a fun and exciting activity. Through online pledges that support individual students' reading efforts, this event also serves as a fundraiser for our school. All proceeds will help fund the replacement of trade books in the classroom!

A successful Read-A-Thon depends on the involvement of every student at Lagos. Whether you raise $15, $25 or $250 it all goes towards our amazing school, so please consider participating. Our goal is 100% participation. If every student collects at least $20, we could raise $10,000.


The Read-A-Thon also brings our Lagos community together through class competitions, prizes and three weeks of fun activities! PLEASE PARTICIPATE IN THIS VERY IMPORTANT FUNDRAISER!


Important Instructions
• Create your child's personal online pledge page by January 14th. Your child will receive a flyer with their special code to set up their account. It only takes a moment to set up.
• Parents please log in your child's daily reading sessions every night. Just one click and you are done. You can choose from 10, 15, 20 and 30 minute sessions.
• Start your child’s reading session on January 14th. Encourage family and friends to sponsor your child.
• All donations made to support your Read-A-Thon are one-time lump sum donations made online.
All donations are due by Friday, Febuary 1st
• Please note that every student at Lagos will participate in the Lagos Read-A-Thon regardless if he or she raises money. Please set up an online pledge page for every student.
• If you have any questions please email us at:


Reading Rules

• Please only log in minutes that your student has read! The website tracks students when they enter more then 2-3 reading sessions at a time and will automatically re-set your minutes if too many sessions are entered at a time. Please be honest when entering minutes. We want our top readers to win fairly.
• Reading before and after school counts.
• Being read to by other people counts. (Especially, for Kinder-First grade classes)
• If your teacher assigns reading homework, it counts too.

• Every student who raises $10.00 will receive a super prize.

• Every student who raises $20 will receive a super string backpack.

• Every student who raises $50.00 or more will have their name entered to a raffle to win a Kindle eReader.

• Every student who creates a page will automatically receive a prize from Read-A-Thon.

• The student who raises the most money will receive a Kindle eReader!

• If our school earns $10,000 the second and third place earners will be able to Silly String Dr. GDC.

• If we earn over $12,000 we will choose an additional two high earners to Silly String Mr. James.

• The top student reader of the entire school will receive a gift package!

• The top student reader from each grade will receive a special t-shirt and reward certificate.

• Every time a student reads 50 minutes they will earn a ticket for a “punch prize”*

• SPECIAL INCENTIVE: Any student who reads 100 minutes by the 100th day of school (January 18th) will receive an extra ticket for a “punch prize”*

Class Prizes

• The Top Three Classes to raise the most money will win a Pizza party!

• The one class who raises the most money will win a lunch in the garden.

• The Top Three classes to read the most minutes win an ice cream party!

Our Dream Big School Goal: 100,000 total minutes read!

If we reach our school goal, students earn an outdoor lunch with music and treats!


Find a new book at the Read-a-thon Book Exchange on Tuesday January 22nd!

Celebrate our Readers and Earners on Friday February 1st at the Read-a-thon celebration*
*All prizes will be rewarded at the Read-a-thon celebration