*****International Festival/50th Anniversary******
Mon, Feb 25 11:26pm
La Paz Intermediate
Our International Festival / 50th Anniversary Celebration is fast approaching on May 3rd!  The International Festival is La Paz's annual event that celebrates cultural diversity where students and their families share about different countries and perform a variety of cultural acts. We are also celebrating La Paz's 50th anniversary at this event.
WE NEED YOUR HELP.   We are looking for donations such as cash, gift cards, travel certificates, and/or services for the silent auction and opportunity drawings.
The money raised at this event will help the La Paz STPO to subsidize various programs at our school in order to create a rewarding and engaging environment for our students.  We strive to make La Paz an outstanding school and your support is crucial in helping us fund various programs at the school.  Your donation will help put advanced technology in our classrooms and support the school’s science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) and arts programs.  
If you have a business and would like to donate to La Paz STPO, please contact Liz Gray at lizpulagray@gmail.com.