La Paz STPO Board 2019-2020

The Board shall consist of elected officers of the organization, the Principal of the school and/or faculty representative appointed by him/her and all of the appointed Chairs that have been ratified by the Elected Officers.

Positions (25/32 filled)

President Signed Up: 1 / 1

A. Coordinates the work of officers and committees of the organization in order that the objectives may be promoted. B. Presides at all meetings of the organization and the board. C. Is a member ex officio of all committees. D. Signs all warrants with the Recording Secretary. E. Works with the Principal and provides communication of S.T.P.O. activities through letters, websites, etc. F. Oversees the preparation of the budget and presentation to the general membership. G. Signs all contracts for the La Paz S.T.P.O.

Executive Vice President Signed Up: 1 / 1

A. Acts as aide to the President and will assume the duties of the President in his/her absence or disability. B. Facilitates and support the President at each meeting. C. Serves as direct liaison to teachers and staff. D. Participates and attends school district informational meetings.

First VP, Volunteer Coordinator Signed Up: 1 / 1

A. Acts as aide to the President B. Compiles a list of volunteers gathered from the annual membership forms. C. Supports school activities as needed D. Attends and participates in Leopard Run activities. E. Keeps a current record of Board Members, their positions, and their email addresses, to be provided to all Board Members. F. List must be provided to Parliamentarian in order to establish the quorum.

Second VP, Membership Signed Up: 1 / 1

A. Acts as aide to the President B. Conducts the annual membership drive each fall and shall promote membership throughout the school year. C. Attends and participates in Leopard Run activities including mini-Leopard Run, back to school night and S.T.P.O. meetings to promote membership. D. Maintains a current and accurate membership directory and provides it to the Financial Secretary. E. Is responsible for the collection of membership dues to be provided to the membership by December 1 and works in conjunction with Financial Secretary to ensure funds are deposited

Third VP, Ways and Means Signed Up: 1 / 1

A. Acts as aide to the President B. Coordinates and administers all fund-raising activities of the organization during the school year. C. Acts as liaison with A.S.B. fund-raising projects as necessary.

Recording Secretary Signed Up: 1 / 1

A. Keeps an accurate record of the proceedings of all meetings of the organization and the board in a bound book that is the legal record of this S.T.P.O. B. Presents minutes for approval at the general membership meetings. C. Is prepared to refer to minutes of previous meetings. D. Along with the President or Treasurer, signs all warrants authorizing the expenditure of funds following approval by the organization or the board in accordance with these Bylaws. E. Keeps a copy of monthly treasurer’ reports with the meeting minutes. F. Keeps a current copy of the Bylaws.

Publicity Chairperson Signed Up: 1 / 1

A. Notifies the community via press release articles (i.e. OC Register, MV Dispatch, etc) of S.T.P.O. activities. B. Analyzes the S.T.P.O. minutes and create succinct ‘Roar’ reports for the La Paz Daily Bulletin. C. Maintains social media sites for La Paz Intermediate School (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc). D. Supports S.T.P.O. communication efforts (proofreading, rewriting for positive impact and public relations). E. Publishes monthly S.T.P.O meeting agendas. F. Principal and President both need to approve any communications for press releases, La Paz Daily Bulletin and Social Media, and the community.

Treasurer Signed Up: 1 / 1

A. Keeps such permanent books of account and records as shall be sufficient to establish the items of gross income, receipts, and disbursements of the organization. B. Receives and retains a copy of the deposit slip from Financial Secretary, for any deposit made. C. Pays all bills as authorized by the board or the organization and on receipt of warrants signed by the President and Recording Secretary. D. Secures two signatures on all checks. Any two of the following are authorized to sign provided they are authorized signers on the bank files card: President, Treasurer and Recording Secretary. E. Keeps an accurate record of receipts and disbursements in a ledger. F. Keeps the membership informed of the expenditures as they relate to the budget adopted by the organization. G. Presents a statement of account at every meeting of the organization and the board and present for approval. H. Makes an annual financial report to the organization that includes gross receipts and disbursements for the year. I. Keeps a file of all warrants for a period of seven years. J. Provides the Auditor with books/statements at the end of the school year. K. Prepares and files required tax returns for the current tax period. The S.T.P.O. tax year is July 1st through June 30th.

Financial Secretary Signed Up: 1 / 1

A. Upon taking office, obtains all audited financial secretary records and material from your predecessor. This should include a standardized bound ledger book. B. Attend all events where money may need to be counted. C. Receives all monies for the organization and deposits them into the La Paz S.T.P.O.’s board approved bank account, Farmers & Merchants Bank. D. Make sure that at least two people count the money together. This may include the event chairman and treasurer or financial secretary if possible. E. Keep a record of all funds counted using a Cash Verification Form. F. Ensure that all persons counting the money sign the “Cash Verification Form.” G. Do not keep money overnight at home. H. Money may be kept in a school safe overnight if allowed by the school principal. I. Keeps an accurate record of receipts in a bound ledger book, indicating the date of receipt, number of receipts issued, amount, from whom received, and for what account (e.g., membership, fundraising) J. Manage cash boxes for events including verification of cash received. K. Perform such other duties as may be delegated to the financial secretary by the President or Treasurer. L. On a timely manner, prepare a monthly financial report of all monies received, and deposits made. Distribute to the Treasurer or financial officers. M. Prepare an Annual Financial Report of all monies received during the past fiscal year. Distribute the report to the Treasurer or financial officers. N. Submit all records for annual audit and at any time a financial officer resigns or no longer serves in that position before the new officer assumes the duties, and whenever deemed necessary. \

Auditor Signed Up: 1 / 1

A. Audits the books and financial records of the organization annually with the audit to be at the close of the officer's term. B. Upon receipt of books from the Treasurer, presents a written report to the President, Treasurer and Recording Secretary in August. C. Presents a written report for adoption by the organization at the September and January board and general meetings. D. Audits the books upon the resignation of the Treasurer, Financial Secretary, and/or any check signer, and at any time deemed necessary.

Parliamentarian Signed Up: 1 / 1

A. Attends all meetings of the organization and of the board and provides advice in parliamentary procedure when requested. B. Assembles a nominating committee consisting of five members and one alternate which may include any S.T.P.O. member. C. Calls the first meeting of the nominating committee to give instructions to the procedure. If needed he/she may be contacted for additional information in procedure during the duration of meetings by the nominating committee. He/She may attend meetings of the nominating committee only if elected as a member of the committee. D. Chairs the Bylaws committee and reviews Bylaws and Standing Rules annually. E. Notifies nominated officers of their election. F. Establishes Quorum for the Board, at the beginning of each new school year. Quorum is a majority of the Board.

Historian Signed Up: 1 / 1

A. Assembles and preserves a record of the activities and achievements of the organization. This will be chronicled in a photo book to be presented at the end of the year and added to the S.T.P.O library. The photo book is a resource for the following years’ S.T.P.O. board. It will serve as a visual resource for annual activities. B. Acts as custodian of records and other materials pertinent to the history of the organization.

Leopard Run Chairperson Signed Up: 1 / 1

This role will plan and run all activities associated with the annual Leopard run event. This includes coordination with La Paz administrative staff and support for any ‘mini Leopard Runs’ as deemed necessary.

Co-Chairs of the Annual fundraiser Signed Up: 2 / 2

shall assist the Vice President #3 - Ways and Means with all activities associated with the annual fundraiser. Vice President of Ways and Means will assist the President to appoint these positions.

International Fair Chairperson Signed Up: 1 / 2

Shall create committees to work with the school staff to plan and execute the annual International Festival, including, but not limited to Decorations, Publicity, Vendors, and Country Booths.
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Esperanza Club/ Special Education Liaison Signed Up: 1 / 2

Shall Communicate with Esperanza staff, organize and escort La Paz students to Esperanza Special Education School once a month to interact and celebrate birthdays with the Esperanza students. This will include one longer visit in May to assist Esperanza with their Olympic Day. The chair will also purchase small items to give Esperanza students on their birthday month.
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Staff Appreciation Chairperson Signed Up: 0 / 2

Shall be responsible for providing refreshments for the Teacher Welcome Back breakfast/lunch and Teacher Appreciation Activities.
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Technology Committee Chairperson and the S.T.E.A.M.(Science Technology Engineering Arts Math) Chairperson Signed Up: 0 / 0

Will lead a team to work with the Principal, teachers, and parents to facilitate technology goals at La Paz.

La Pazitive’s Chairperson Signed Up: 0 / 1

Shall assist the Assistant Principal with the ‘La Pazitive’ Award System. They will obtain donations for the weekly La Pazitive drawings and may possibly use a small budgeted amount of funds to purchase agreed upon prizes.
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Green Team Chairperson Signed Up: 0 / 1

Will work with ASB as well as student and parent volunteers to develop and implement an on-campus recycling program. The goal is to promote the need to recycle as well as convert plastic water bottles into funds for ASB.
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Dine Around Chairperson Signed Up: 1 / 1

Helps to coordinate dining fundraiser events with local restaurants and coordinates it with other La Paz fundraising events, i.e. Music Boosters, ASB. This includes a collection of payment checks as necessary. Suggested one Dine Around per trimester.

Career Day Chairperson Signed Up: 1 / 2

This person works with the school counselor to set up hospitality volunteers of Career day and any other activities that support the program.
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Campus Beautification Chairperson Signed Up: 1 / 1

Works with the school Vice Principal to coordinate resources for Campus Beautification Saturdays.

Bookfair Chairperson Signed Up: 2 / 2

The chairperson will assist the librarian to support the two Book Fairs by coordinating volunteers to help to set up the book fair, help during the book fair and assist in breaking down the book fair.

Honor Roll Recognition Signed Up: 1 / 1

Works with the La Paz staff to recognize Honor Roll Students 3x per year

Graphic Designer Signed Up: 1 / 1

In this role, you will help the various Chairs, who will provide the copy, to design effective communications using Graphic Design. Do you have a passion for art and well-designed communications? Are you a budding graphic designer that wants to build their portfolio or perhaps a seasoned Graphic Designer that wants to offer their expertise? This role would be perfect for you

Advocacy Chairperson Signed Up: 0 / 1

Are you interested in how public policy affects Public Schools? As Advocacy Chairperson you will explore this interest while relaying what you learn about District & State policies to the STPO members at monthly meetings. This is a great role to Co-Chair with another parent that shares your passion.
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Coffee with the Principal Chairperson Signed Up: 2 / 2

Work with staff to coordinate monthly Coffee with the Principal events and provide refreshments, as budgeted.

Teacher Grant Chairperson Signed Up: 1 / 1

The Chairperson will communicate the Teacher Grant Program to the La Paz Staff at the beginning of the year. He/She will then review and award S.T.P.O. Teacher Grants to teachers who apply for outside school grants to benefit the needs of La Paz. Teacher Grant recipients must be current members of the La Paz S.T.P.O. Approval of S.T.P.O. Teacher Grants is not contingent on the teachers being awarded the outside grants.

Mini-Leopard Run Chairperson Signed Up: 1 / 1

The Chairperson will coordinate with La Paz administrative staff and help coordinate volunteers to support the ‘mini Leopard Runs’, held after the first day of school

Website Signed Up: 1 / 1

The chairperson will maintain the STPO website

Principal Signed Up: 1 / 1