***LDV*** You'd like to help out? Great! We need volunteers!
La Scuola
As you know by now, the La Dolce Vita Gala is quickly approaching, and we have tons of volunteer opportunities available. We need all of you lovely people in whatever capacity we can get. Below are some of the jobs we need help with leading up to the event. Most, you can do from home or are tasks that can be split between a few people. I have provided details and in some cases time expectations for each position.  (This is a great chance to fulfill your volunteer hours!)


We appreciate all those who can contribute their time, and several more day-of-event volunteer opportunities will be posted after the President's week break.


Thank you!


Jaimie VanPernis and the LDV Committee


Graphic Designer for Auction Description Cards Signed Up: 0 / 1

Create a template for description cards for the silent auction. Descriptions sent to you by a writer. Must be flexible in March - will need you to continue to create more cards as auction items come in.
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Solicitation Help Signed Up: 1 / 4

Contacting businesses to donate auction items - or reacquainting with businesses who have donated in the past to secure donations. This role is one you can do on your own time for 1-2 hours per week and would be finished (barring a few exceptions) by Mar 20. You will receive templates and sponsor materials from the LDV committee.
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Kid Photos Stuffer and Labeler Signed Up: 3 / 3

Photos have been taken of all of the kids, to be sold at LDV. We need three people to put the photos in frames and label them with the children's names/classes and keep them sorted by class. This can be done on your own time at home, with the frames returned to school before the gala.

Count-Me-In Coordinator Signed Up: 1 / 1

Act as liaison between those hosting and participating in Count-Me-Ins. Gather all of the pertinent details about the events prior to auction, ensure that all hosts have contact info for guests, and remind hosts to keep in contact with/send invite to guests leading up to event.