5 Min Survey: La Scuola Neurodiversity Needs - DUE THURSDAY, APRIL 6th (Prior to Spring Break)
Mon, Mar 27 8:49pm

5 Min Survey:

La Scuola Neurodiversity Needs 

DUE THURSDAY, APRIL 6th - Prior to Spring Break


Supporting Neurodivergency at La Scuola: Neurodiversity emphasizes looking at students with a variety of learning styles and special learning needs primarily in terms of their gifts and abilities and uses these strengths to help them to better understand their opportunity areas and identify strategies. We would like to invite our families/you to share the needs you have in order to better support your learner. This assessment will help inform and grow La Scuola’s neurodivergence efforts and programs.




DUE DATE: We kindly request that you complete the 5 min survey by THURSDAY, APRIL 6th, prior to Spring Break.


Feel free to email us at deib@lascuolasf.org with any questions in the meantime.


Warm Regards,

La Scuola DEIB Committee