Annual Fund Updated
Tue, Dec 18 8:40am

With Winter Break rapidly approaching, I wanted to take a minute to thank all of the families who have so graciously contributed to this year’s Annual Fund.  Thanks to your generosity, the school has already reached 75% participation in the campaign, substantially above the progress at the same date last year.  Again, thank you all!


But we are still not at our goal of 100% participation, so for those families that have not yet made a contribution, we’d ask that you please take a minute out of your busy holiday schedule to consider a contribution or pledge before the end of the year.  By now you have heard how important the Annual Fund is to the overall success of the school and anything you can do to help the school has a tremendous impact on our children.  Making your contribution/pledge only takes a few minutes (here’s a link and, depending on your individual circumstances, may be tax-deductible as well as eligible for a matching grant from your employer.


Wishing all of you all a happy and prosperous holiday season!