End of the School year from PALS
Mon, Jun 17 12:08pm

End of the Year from PALS


Dear Parents,

The end of the school year has arrived! On behalf of the Parents Association of La Scuola (PALS), we’d like to reflect on the amazing year it’s been and all that has happened.

  • Konstella formally became our dedicated channel for all PALS and parent communications, invitations, and volunteering sign-ups.
  • The Community Service Learning (CSL) Committee kicked off, developed a mission statement, and planned the first school wide CSL event, our first Beach Cleanup.
  • Our yearbook is now fully custom and incorporates our middle schoolers into content creation, layout, and production processes. This first year was an ambitious experiment in change. We learned a lot and are ready to tackle opportunities for improvement next year.
  • We kicked off the Community Building committee, filled two lead positions, and have started planning new events and opportunities for connection that will commence in the fall.
  • The first Grandissimi plus Kindergarten playdate was held this year. This was a great opportunity to have the three grandissimi classes connect and the incoming students meet and play before they move to their new campus.
  • The La Scuola Online Mercato is fully up and running and we’ve fulfilled merchandise orders throughout the year. We increased and updated inventory and have new products like the TTOZOI inspired Rickshaw tote. Check it out if you haven’t already.
  • Our annual holiday party was a hit again this year and included craft help and support from our middle schoolers.
  • We had a total of 60+ parent volunteers that jumped in to help with La Dolce Vita helping to make our annual gala a success.

All of these events, introductions, and changes are aligned with our two year goals of building and strengthening our individual class and campus communities, our cross-campus community, and our ties to the wider San Francisco community. They also support our broader mission to support La Scuola and its students.

To make not only all of the above happen, but also everything that goes on in the classroom, garden, atelier, music room, and library a success our community put in thousands of volunteer hours. Thank you to all of our volunteers for giving their time and support this past school year. These efforts are truly essential to building our wonderful school and community.

We want to acknowledge all of our room parents who do so much for not only PALS, but also their teachers and classes throughout the year:

  • Spazio Gioco: Deedee Crosset, Nikki DeWald, Jamie Clark
  • Grandi: Andrea Mucignat, Kristin Ginsberg, Shalini Jariwala, Shweta Malik, Sarah Burns
  • Grandissimi: Amanda Galton-Valle, Katherine Ghannam, Sarah Kang Lee, Elena Benvenuti, Melissa Ippolito, Rosella Barry
  • Kindergarten: Jacquelyn Woodworth, Stephanie Koran, Anastasia Ovchinnikov, David Herman, Anna Kartasheva
  • First Grade: Jaimie VanPernis, Andrea Ferretti
  • Second Grade: Natasha Tuck, Sylvia Bronson
  • Third Grade: Allessandra Ross, Manuele Fabbiane
  • Fourth and Fifth Grade: Josh Mogal, Ilaria Salvadori
  • Six and Seventh Grade: Kai Lundgren-Williams.

We also want to thank our committee leads and those of you who tackled new or special projects at the school this year:

Committee Leads

  • Music: Wolfë Baerenwald
  • Garden: Vivian Acebal and Nicole Stewart
  • Library: Enrique Lopezjones and Joseph Schadler
  • Community Building: Shalini Jariwala and Christine Valenti
  • CSL: Stephanie Franco
  • Konstella: Angi Chau, Unnur Gretarsdottir, Jacquelyn Woodworth
  • Yearbook: Michelle Tan, Jutta Kamp
  • Mercato and Merchandising: Sasha Basso
  • Annual Fund Lead: Michael Rasic
  • LDV: Margaux Axelrod, Kate Delimitros, Andrea Palomera, Sara Brown
  • SPEAK: Holly Hirshfield

Special Projects and Events

  • LDV Volunteer Coordination: Jaimie VanPernis
  • Beach Cleanup: Kristin Reed
  • K8 Early Readers Collection: Unnur Gretarsdottir
  • Holiday Party: Jenny Senner, Melinda Winter
  • Lunar New Year: Kai Lundgren-Williams, Jessica Vo
  • Diwali: Shalini Jariwala
  • Grandissimi + K playdate: Katherine Ghannam
  • Fiera: Kai Lundgren-Williams, Sarah Kang
  • Photography: Jutta Kamp, Sarah Kang
  • Mission Campus Cleanup: Andrea Farris and Kevin McElroy
  • LDV Video: Jorge Salgado

We are completing the first of our two year co-chair term and we genuinely feel so grateful to be collaborating with such dedicated, interesting, and amazing parents. We will be in touch (only once or twice, promise) over the summer to ask for feedback and gather information about your interests and how you might like to participate in and build both our internal and external community connections.


Lastly, we want to mention that La Scuola will be participating in Pride this year on June 30th at 9:45 (meeting time; parade begins @ 10:00am). Detailed information will be shared through a Konstella event.

We hope you all have a wonderful summer filled with adventure, relaxation, and, of course, joy!

Grazie Mille!

Heather and Bridgett