Interested in Being a Room Parent? Join the Party!
Sat, Aug 13 9:12pm

Are you interested in helping support your child’s teachers and classroom? In building community? In contributing to the school without too much time commitment? If so, room parenting is the perfect role!  


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If interested for the 2022-23 school year, please email the Parents Association of La Scuola (PALS) chair, Melissa Ippolito at  And for those who have already expressed interest, THANK YOU for your interest, but please send an email to ensure we have you on the list! Please submit your email by 8/26 to be considered for this school year! 


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How much time will it take?

Room parenting takes between 2-5 hours a month, mostly from home/computer. Typically, there are two room parents per classroom (sometimes three), so you always have back up when life gets busy and you can take turns attending the monthly meetings. The busiest room parenting times are the start of the school year (September), around the holidays, and the end of the year (May).


What will I have to do? 

Room parents:

  • support teachers and classroom activities by recruiting volunteers for in-class activities, field trips, and teacher appreciation, and by helping organize collection of materials for in-class projects
  • remind parents of important information/dates (curriculum night, conferences, etc.). 
  • help answer other parents’ questions or suggest resources or people who can answer
  • organize (not host, the playground, a museum etc. works great for a venue) playdates within and across classes a few times a year.
  • As a school representative, you are a liaison between the parents and administration with a goal of facilitating collaboration and community.  Working as a representative of the school requires one to use good judgment, avoid perpetuating gossip, keep confidences and work to resolve issues swiftly.

Many of the class communications are templated and just need customization for your class. We have existing ideas for playdates and meet-ups.


Selection Process for Room Parents

Volunteers are compiled by PALS.  Administration selects the individuals to be room parents that are the best fit for the classroom needs, teacher style and anticipated needs for the year.


What have some prior room parents said about room parenting?

“Such a great way to become one with the community, create friendships, and truly understand what your child is experiencing.”

“Great way to get involved and have more information on what's going on at school, as well as to actively build school community.”

“I think it's a nice way to contribute without being too time intensive.”

“It is a fantastic way to be informed about school activities. it is also a good way to help the school community with effective, tangible creative ideas.”

“It's nice to be engaged with the teachers and isn't a lot of work.”

“It’s a great way to be connected to the teachers and community.”

“It's a great way to get involved, help out your class, get to know other parents, and contribute to the school community.”


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Email PALS chair, Melissa Ippolito, at