LDV: We need Gift Cards to your Favorite Bar or Restaurant, Memberships to your Go To Activity 🍹🍸🌮🍱🎭
Sun, Feb 26 10:09am

La Dolce Vita is almost here, and we need you!

Have you donated yet? There is less than TWO weeks left to submit your donations.

Our focus this week is Gift Cards and Memberships, show your support for your favorite bars, restaurants, museums and activities. Don’t forget all donation costs are tax deductible.  

  • The restaurant on the corner, that’s just perfect for Saturday dinner with kids. 
  • Your best dining experience, which you want to share with others, in person or delivered to their door. 
  • THE place you are always meaning to book but didn’t quite get round to, maybe now is the time to show your support.
  • Your Family Go To Museum or Activity, where the kids let off steam and you get chance to breathe.
  • Your cocktail go-to, to let your hair down and help to keep their doors open.

Complete your donation form here: Donation Form 

Host a Count Me In: Count Me In Form 

Buy your Tickets: Tickets

Sponsorship: Sponsor the DJ, Sponsor a Bar or an amazing Faculty member 

Unsure what to Donate: Helpful Guide to Donations

Drop off: Mission and Dogpatch campus’ during drop-off times 

Have an idea for an amazing Live Auction Experience? We would love to hear from you.

General email: ldv@lascuolasf.org


Grazie Mille