MIssion Campus Development Updates
Wed, May 3 6:00pm-7:30pm
La Scuola's Mission Campus
1 day before





Childcare Available
Childcare will be available for this event for all families, including preschool students. Please note, all students must be potty-learned. You can signup for childcare from the RSVP form, or via the form here.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will construction begin? 
The entitlement and permit processes are moving forward with swift momentum. While the approvals and much of the timing lies with city agencies and is beyond our control, we have indication that assuming no unexpected delays, these processes should be complete in the late Fall which would allow us to start construction in Winter 2023-24, pending fundraising and financing. The project is anticipated to take between 20 - 24 months. 

How is the building funded? 
Tuition is not used to fund this project, or for any other capital expenditures. The new building project is being paid for through a combination of philanthropic donations from our community and bank financing. La Scuola’s Board of Directors and internal team are, and have been, hard at work securing funding. The sooner that we are able to raise funds, and the more that we raise, ensures the earliest possible start to construction.  

Will there be changes to drop-off / pick-up and white zone access?
At this point in time, we know that most of the white zone on 18th street will become a staging area and will be occupied by contractors. We are in active conversations with the city, the archdiocese and our immediate neighbors to see if we can make use of any of their curb space during drop off and pick up times. We are hopeful that the white zone in front of the San Carlos Church on S Van Ness will be available. We will retain the white zone on Shotwell.  Shotwell remains a Slow Street and we always encourage students to arrive and depart from school on foot or via bikes or scooters.

Where will my child(ren)’s classroom be?
We are planning for the least impact to students as possible. Students will start the 2023-24 school year in the classroom they will be in for the year, barring any unforeseen changes. The spaces they use during the school day i.e., art, breakout spaces, lunch areas, may vary in the second half of the year once construction begins. We know that children are more adaptable than us, and they are resilient and will lead us through the change.

Will there be changes to lunch and recess? 
Until construction begins, students will continue to use outdoor spaces on campus for lunch and recess. Once it does commence, outdoor space will be reduced to allow a safe distance from construction. Lunch will likely be moved into the classrooms, very similar to our rainy day practices. Recess schedules may be staggered to accommodate smaller groups of students outdoors throughout the day or older students may be accompanied to nearby In Chan Kaajal Park or to San Carlos Hall. 

What’s happening over at San Carlos Hall? 
San Carlos Hall is currently used for Physical Education classes and large community gatherings. The space will be undergoing cosmetic renovations and voluntary seismic retrofitting this Spring (very similar to what was done in the main St. Charles building before we moved in). This space will be used for a number of different school activities and uses next year. 

What is the plan for outdoor garden space?
We are exploring local Community Garden Organizations and indoor garden options, and ways we can make best use of the outdoor space available to ensure students continue to be engaged in outdoor education. The garden will become available again a few months after construction of the new building is complete. If you have any contacts in the neighborhood or ideas we always welcome them!

Will my child(ren) be moving classrooms mid-year?
Each grade will have a dedicated classroom at the start of the 2023-24 school year that we intend to keep consistent through the end of the year. The spaces they use during the school day i.e., art, breakout spaces, lunch areas, may vary in the second half of the year. 

Where will P.E. classes take place? 
P.E. classes will largely take place in the San Carlos gym. Some of our younger students may also do P.E. activities like dance, yoga and movement in their own classrooms and, occasionally and weather permitting, P.E. classes will take place at In Chan Kaajal park. Any time students leave the main campus, as is current practice, they are accompanied by at least two adults.

What does safety and security look like right now at the Mission campus?
La Scuola is in active conversations with city agencies, neighborhood groups and other local schools focused on continued improvement to street conditions and safety in the Mission District. Your voice matters, so please continue to write to local agencies and your district supervisor as needed. We are also launching a consortium of Mission district schools in hope that joining forces will make our voices heard.

Security is on site daily while students and staff are present in addition to the nightly patrol. Faculty and staff will continue regular safety checks and drills which are common practice and we’ll be adding specific training for all on de-escalation and field trip safety best practices.  

Are the modular classrooms staying put? 
The modular classrooms will remain on campus until construction begins, during which time one modular (which houses two classrooms) will be removed. There are no grade levels assigned to those classrooms and we will start off the year using them as extra space.

How will noise and dust be addressed during construction?
Our chosen contractor, Oliver & Co, has renovated and constructed many schools including the Waldorf School, Marin Country Day, Prospect Sierra and more over the past 30 years and rely on industry and school best practices. Detailed mitigation measures are required by the city of San Francisco and will be shared in advance with the La Scuola Community to address things like soil movement, air quality, sound, and general impact of the project. Environmental engineers will be assigned and a system put in place to measure air quality due to construction that alerts the team if it should ever go above the established threshold.  La Scuola has also done this before on the Dogpatch campus and is familiar with best practices and protocol and how to be vigilant at all times.

Fortunately, there is no demolition of buildings involved, as we were able to demolish the convent building during pandemic closure, and therefore remediation and soil excavation has been reduced to a minimum.  In addition, the chosen materials for the building structure are mass timber beams, which are assembled on site and mostly manufactured off site, so much of the noise associated with steel beam soldering will not be an issue. 


This project provides a unique learning opportunity for all our students, at grade-appropriate levels, to learn about the construction process, architecture, contractors, material selections, energy consumption, to name a few.  We encourage you to look through some of the current renderings on our website to get a sense of the interior and exterior plans for campus and we look forward to seeing you all on May 3rd.

If there are any questions you would like to add to the list above prior to the meeting please send them our way!

If you are unable to make it, we are always happy to answer any of your questions and ask you to please reach out to us at any time. The making of this great project is an incredible team effort, and we want you to participate and be as excited as we are about this incredible milestone for La Scuola.

With much excitement and anticipation for the future, 
Valentina, Lama, Courtenay, La Scuola’s Facilities committee, the La Scuola Leadership Team and Board of Directors