Photographer Needed to Photograph new items for the Mercato! And Pre-Order Picnic Blankets!
Remote Work!



Pre-Order your picnic blankets! 

New to the Mercato, picnic blankets! But they must be pre-ordered!  Order HERE!



La Scuola Picnic Blanket - *Pre-Order*La Scuola Picnic Blanket - *Pre-Order*


Photographer Needed: 

We need a photographer to work on your own time and location (if you choose) to photograph new Rickshaw bags, mugs, Kleen Kanteen coffee tumblers and guitar picks!  This should be easily accomplished in 1-2 hours for someone with skills!  Melissa will coordinate to get you the materials to be photographed and you can do it on your own time at home. 


Photograph new merch for the Mercato! Signed Up: 1 / 1