Request: Memory Book for Dunja
Tue, May 25 7:31am
PLEASE submit photos and memories to thank Dunja for all her hard work (and for giving you a thumbs up to be a part of this wonderful community!!!!) and submit a photo and thank you.  If you have questions, please contact Stefanie!  Grazie mille!
Carissimi Genitori,
As you know, Dunja Solari, our wonderful Admissions Director, will be leaving La Scuola at the end of the school year after nine years of tireless and heart centered work. We would love to create a memento for her to hold memories and photos from the families she admitted to La Scuola.
If you would like to share a special memory with Dunja, or simply extend your gratitude and best wishes, please send a family photo and/or your written message - both as image files (png or jpg) if possible to:
Stefanie Small by Tuesday May 25th.  (If you don’t know what an image file is or how to convert, it’s ok, send on whatever is in your heart in whatever form you can.
Grazie mille!