Screens During Covid: A Balanced Approach to Kids' Technology Use
Wed, Mar 24 5:35pm-6:45pm
La Scuola
2 days before, 5 days before

Screens have become a ubiquitous presence in our kids’ lives from the moment we began shelter-in-place.  What can we do to support a healthy relationship between our children and screens?  SPEAK SF is excited to host an event on March 24, 2021 from 5:30pm-6:45pm to learn more about this topic.  Experts on technology and youth -- Catherine Steiner-Adair, Dr. Michael Rich, and Danielle Ramo-Larios -- will discuss the latest neurobiology research and share alternate activities our kids can engage in to further develop healthy brains.  To attend the event, please register here. 

La Scuola is a member of SPEAK SF. Registration is free to all our community members. 


Registration link also in attached flyer.