Secret Aperitivo Mixer!
Tue, Oct 18 2:14pm
Secret Aperitivo Mixer! 
RSVP below to either ATTEND or HOST a secret aperitivo hour in November with other La Scuola people from your grade! 
How does it work? 
Use the form below to RSVP either as a host or attendee and select your preferred dates and times. We'll match you up with others in (or around!) your grade based on preferences and confirm your date/time as soon as possible. Each group will be between 5-10 people total. Then, one week prior, we'll link you up with your host and other attendees for any final preparations. 
What does it take to host? 
As a host, we ask that you provide a space (either your home or choose another space) for your attendees to gather. You can provide food and drinks or ask your attendees to bring things to share. This is just a happy hour, so drinks and appetizers, not necessarily a whole meal! If at a venue, each guest is responsible for their own food/drink tab. 
Come with an open mind to meet people you haven't met before and/or get to know people you've only seen in passing! It's a short event designed to build community, mix things up and get to know other people in the community! 
What about kids?
We will have parents only as well as kid friendly gatherings, please indicate your preference below.