Successful Teacher Appreciation
Sat, May 11 3:28pm
Happy almost end to the school year! 
We would like to thank you for all you've done, supported and shared with us this year!  
PALS  would like you to know about the special activities that happened this week to additionally 
Due to contributions collected by each class we have been able to thank our teachers of La Scuola with a cash gift of $200 per teacher.  In addition we were happy to add a special spa gift card, this was possible because of a generous parent and local business owner. 
NOW ALL OF THIS is possible because of you and your generosity and support of stewarding the La Scuola Family & Community. We thank you very much! 
The teachers lounges at both campuses were stocked with treats & snacks Monday-Wednesday and had  special smoothie bars on Thursday. 
We thank you again! 
Happy, Safe & Healthy summer to come! 
Bridgett & Heather 
PALS - Parents Association of La Scuola