TIME CHANGE: Grandparents & Special Friends Day
Tue, Dec 8 10:00am-11:00am
Zoom La Scuola
Grandparents and Special Friends Day has been shortened and shifted in order to simplify the Zoom process for our Grandparents and Special Friends. 
It will be held from 10-11 PST on December, 8th.
This time will be spent in class with teachers and students. An email with a video message from La Scuola leadership will be sent to grandparents and special friends immediately afterwards. 
Please disregard all previous times and check in with your children's guests.  
If you still want to sign a guest up, please do so by the end of today (12/3).
Sign up is important because teachers want to know which GP and SF are present for which child because the activities involve making special connections on Zoom!
La Scuola will be sending the relevant links to grandparents/special friends and their families tomorrow.
Thank you!