Thank You for a Successful Beach Cleanup
Mon, Apr 29 10:18pm

Thank you to everyone who attended La Scuola's first ever beach cleanup and bonfire! Around 100 people participated on, what turned out to be, a rather nice day with a little sunshine and not too much wind.

We collected 20 lbs of recycling and measured 30 lbs of trash from 26 different collection zones. 
It was a successful clean-up! 
After pizza and s'mores, we also made sure to clean up our bonfire site ensuring we left the beach cleaner than we found it. 
Thank you to all the parent volunteers who brought tables, firewood, and helped with set-up and clean-up. And a special thank you to Kristin Reed for providing all the clean-up supplies, planning the cleanup, structuring our data collection and management, and preparing K8 students at a thoughtful all school Friday assemblea. 
We hope to see you at a future event!
Bridgett and Heather - PALS Co-Chairs