VIRTUAL LDV - LUXE Fashion + Art Week
Mon, Feb 15 8:13am

Donate Auction Items

This week is LUXE FASHION + ART Week 


Every week from now until March 8th, we will be sending themed asks for donation items for our 2021 Virtual LDV Gala Event (don’t forget all donation costs are tax deductible). 

La Scuola meets The Real Real Luxury Consignment

The designer purse that you thought you needed, but has been hanging up gathering dust for the past 2 years 

The leather jacket which made it outside once, you love it but the fit just isn’t quite right

The handmade leather shoes, but they pinch that little 

bit too much 

The gorgeous art that used to inspire you when you walked in the room, but now you need a refresh 

The sportswear that’s best in class, but you just don’t do that sport anymore

How to submit auction items:

Submit:     Drop off: NEXT Thursday at Mission & Dogpatch campus’ 8am-9am

Donation form here

Email: to schedule a pick up or contactless exchange 

Call: 415-583-5051 (Helen) to schedule a pick up or contactless exchange

Don’t forget: to attach one donation form per item (all solicitation forms available on school website and Konstella) 

Need ideas or have suggestions, we are an email or a call away!